Rationale for efficient learning from R. Keith Sawyer

«We are in a knowledge age, it is often been said that we are in a creative age. Particularly in an advanced industrial society, the jobs that do not require creativity tend to be outsourced to low-wage countries or they are automated by advancing computer technologies and robots. What people can do — and robots can’t do — is creativity»

interview with R. Keith Sawyer taken from Learning Landscapes, Vol.5, No.1, Autumn 2011 (http://www.learninglandscapes.ca/)

Changing environment forces us to adapt if we want to catch up and hold the line in everyday business. Due to the increasing pace of the changes we have to seek reserves to step up in our efficiency.

In fact you can respond it only by continuous even neverending self-education as growing pace will never let you to answer it once and for all.

But still if in any case we end up in spending our time to adapt through learning we are to seek the most efficient way in choosing subjects, arranging process and work on improvement of our cognitive capabilities.


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