Service business operating model — departure point

The article I can’t help sharing it.

The knowledge I amass on the effective learning and self-development I apply and check in business surrounding. One of the inevtiable consequences is reflections on the effective business organization.

I do believe that among current trends like robotization or big data we underrate the transformation of the business operating models which is happening. The major shift comes from the convergence of the products and services.

It is a huge opportunity and a devastating risk for the companies who don’t recognize it and adapt timely.

For those who seeks the reference I would state that IoT (the internet of things) is the most apparent example to give the flavour of the potential impact. But it is not limited solely to this. The transformation is much deeper and larger.

Read this to get the better understanding on starting points from Harvard Professor I highly respect:

And thanks to Minda Zetlin for packing these insights in her article.


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