I like people

I like people. It is not a big deal I guess but not for me personally. And I will try to explain why.

I do believe that business is done by people. When fire alarm rings company goes out of the building. Despite the importance of the system and processes which are always in place when it comes to management of complex structures nevertheless it is always a man who saves the day when something goes completely wrong. It doesn’t mean that someone is the one but in the end concrete deeds done by specific people make it. And it doesn’t matter how much the single contribution is it is important that it happens.

On the other hand all people are similar in the sense that deep inside everyone wants the same: live, love, be happy, etc. Of course every person is unique due to exclusive life experience and “starting point” however we all dream of something and we urge the moment when our desires come true. We feel pain and seek acceptance from others and it makes us all like going the same direction though we do it differently.

Hence when I look at people even strangers I try and see two things: potential to make a distinction and something common with me. And in fact it often triggers wide range of positive and inspiring feelings inside. And even if the situation isn’t brilliant I still see or believe that it can be changed. I see the opportunities and understand that in some way we all share them as we are playing the same game of life. Such attitude and way of perception builds a bridge between me and a person I look at or think of even before we get acquainted or start talking. I feel it like a credit which person has from the beginning.

Yes, it is a voluntary choice but if we let us follow it we will find out one interesting thing. Deep inside all people are wise. Even unconsciously they feel your intention and attitude and grant you the same credit you give them in overall.  In the end with time passing by and new people entering your life you disclose that it makes sense, it was justified. And you go on and on.

But the most exceptional point here that you change with each new person met with each new experience gained which append something to your world and from a certain point you start to like people as they are the reason which made it happen.



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